Meet Dr. Virginia

Dr. Virginia Lee McKemie-Belt, was born June 6, 1923 in a small mining and farming town in southern Illinois. She holds a Bachelors of Science on Economics, a Masters in Finance, and a Doctorate in Commerce from the University of Illinois. Throughout her career she was a member of several professional organizations and published many articles in their journals. A professor of Finance at CSU, she also served as spokeswoman for the American Bankers Association and as an Alternative Energy Analyst for the United Nations. Now, she is a publish ed author of her life’s story, A First Lady of Finance.

About A First Lady of Finance

3D book (1)3D book (1)A young woman seeking to make a career in finance and commerce will find many positions available, now more than ever, and rarely encounter misogyny or a “men’s only attitude” in the workplace. However, this was not the case when Virginia McKemie-Belt first began working in the field of finance more than fifty years ago. Much of the change in attitude and practice in the current business world today can be directly attributed to the persistence of Virginia McKemie-Belt.

A First Lady of Finance is a heartwarming, true-life story of a farmer’s daughter who, in spite of much adversity and discrimination, defied tradition in the 1950s and 60s. Dr. Virginia established many “firsts” while pursuing her unconventional dreams, including:

  • The first spokeswoman to travel the world to speak on behalf of the American Bankers Association
  • The first woman alternative energy field analyst for the United Nations
  • The first woman professor to be invited by Numera Securities to study the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • The first woman to become a full professor of finance at California State University (CSU)

This book is an interesting series of short stories covering many areas throughout the author’s life, such as her fifth-grade teacher asking the class what they wanted to do with their lives when they grew up. Young Virginia replied, “I want to pay taxes like the wealthy and be in Who’s Who.” Thus, she was seeking fame and fortune. Each page-turning tale illustrates the tenacity of this pioneering woman and will inspire you to follow your own dreams. You will laugh a lot, cry a little, fume at times, and rejoice in her many victories. If you want to be inspired by greatness and provoked into following your own dreams, so that you can look back at what you’ve done with pride and accomplishment, Dr. Virginia’s incredible success will show you how she became known as A First Lady of Finance.