Always be Prepared

Fortune favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur


When going on any trip the questions that always cross a person’s mind are “What to wear?”, and “What to pack?”

These are the questions I had to answer several times as I prepared for my trips to many different parts of the word; I.e. Japan, China, Santiago Chile, Germany & many other places.

Often my answers for these questions were typically dictated on the size of luggage allowed on a train, airplane, or boat. Another factor of course was in relation to the weather of the place I would be visiting, as one would hate to find themselves too hot or too cold, making them extremely uncomfortable the entire trip.

Aside from the obvious reasons though, one of the most important things to consider when subject to packing, but often forgotten, is the consideration of the customs of a country when visiting. A lesson I learned while on a trip in Bali.

I will never forget the stay I had in Bali, as it taught me the necessity of being familiar with the habits, and cultures of places, especially when those places are out –of –the –way.

During the trip in Bali, my husband and I decided to rent a motorcycle and planned to travel to the top of a volcano. While ascending to the peak, we frequently stopped, as the motorbike would over heat.

It was during one of the stops that I received that final packing tip, as I shall never forget the angry disapproval shown in relation to my clothing choices by an older woman who worked on the mountain. Multiple times the woman tugged on my short shorts, with much upset.

That night, we learned that the custom of the hill people as to wear a sarong, which means to cover from the waist down, as the legs are sacred and to be covered at all times.