Road Blocks are Merely Building Blocks

California, where the American Dream came too true.” – Lawrence Ferlinghetti


After WWII, an exodus of people flocked to California, and my husband and I decided to join them. For twenty years either scholarships, promotions, or something else would keep us from arriving however.

After several months of setting up our affairs, selling our home, and paying off our debt to my parents, we headed to Southern Illinois to reacquaint ourselves with our families before making the long trek to a new home.

After a month with our families, we finally began our venture to California, however we didn’t get too far, as we simply did not have the funds.

Due to our lack of funds, Jim and I had what we considered a ‘lost year’ where we took the time to project realistic budget projections. After two long years of new jobs, and more schooling, we were finally on our way to California, with advances degrees in our hands at that!

Opportunity soon stuck, and it was too good to pass up. This meant we would not be headed straight for California as we had originally planned, in fact this would happen many times over the course of twenty years.

Finally, after years of jobs, universities, and other roadblocks, we could finally cheer, “California at last!”